World Youth International Sapana Children's Home Nepal

Patron: Joanna Giles

Sponsorship Coordinator: Ann Hoey

There are few of us who are not touched deeply in some way when we see a small child in distress, when we look upon soft sad eyes or recognise hard systems which need to change.

Some of us shake our heads in sadness at the imbalances, injustices and inhumanity which still confronts many of our world's children, resigning ourselves to thinking "well that's just the way the world is today."

Many however, breath deeply and connect with that place in their hearts which is our shared humanity. From this deep still place comes the courage and the commitment to make some small personal contribution towards helping the world become what we know in our hearts it can be.

Robert Hoey's vision lives on through the hearts and commitment of the people involved in World Youth International. While some of us would say that Robert was a unique young man, he would simply smile, turn the light away from himself and help us shine it directly to our own hearts. Robert never sought fame or acknowledgment for his accomplishments. He spent his life encouraging us to acknowledge our own potential, beauty and spirit and once acknowledged to share our unique and individual gifts with the world.

Our reward for building our school is an even greater job and gift to the people of Nepal. Our orphanage, called the World Youth International Sapana Dreaming Childrens Home has been built in the school grounds and will give 50 children, an education and a chance in life I'm sure they would never have.

Again this has happened through the generosity of many people throughout our world including Joanna Giles and the Hog Heaven Foundation.

Be a part of their future.
Call WYI today on 08 8340 1266 or email us at admin@worldyouth.org.au

Lyn Schodde Education Fund

Why is a basic right such as education taken for granted in some countries while in others it is only available to the privileged few?

My name is Lyn Schodde and recently I returned from Nepal where I was able to fulfil a lifetime dream -to be of service to underprivileged children! My background in Australia has been in kindergarten teaching and volunteering for LifeLine. I am married to Peter, have two children and also have two wonderful grandchildren that I adore. In Nepal, most of my time was spent at the World Youth International Sapana Dreaming Children's Home. I had the most rewarding experience, became very attached to the children and fell in love with all of them. The children are very fortunate to be attending the World Youth International School and are sponsored by many generous Australians.

While I was with the children, I noticed that some of them were very gifted and were already thinking about what they wanted to do after their basic schooling had finished. I began thinking - How could I assist these children!! On my return to Australia, I spoke with Ralph Hoey from World Youth International on how to fulfil this need. He inspired me to establish the Lyn Schodde Education Fund, My intention is to raise enough money for children who exhibit talent and potential and want to be able to go on to tertiary studies to have a career of their choice.

Will you help me in supporting these wonderful children?

Payment options

Your kind donation for the Lyn Schodde Education Fund for Nepal can be sent by cheque or money order to:

PO Box 25
South Australia 5007

Reference: Lyn Schodde Education Fund

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