Development Philosophy

Mission Statement

World Youth International works in global partnerships to create sustainable community development projects in the areas of:

  • Primary Healthcare

  • Sustainable Environment

  • Income Generation

  • Education and Training

These projects contribute to poverty reduction while creating self-reliance and community empowerment.

Each of World Youth International's projects incorporate the following key indicators to ensure its success in delivering quality sustainable projects.

  • Ensure that the project is demand driven
  • That the project will directly or indirectly contribute to poverty reduction
  • Involves the community as project participants

World Youth International delivers these projects through direct participation of the Australian public, as all people are invited to work overseas with WYI in creating a more just and empowered world.

Development Policy

World Youth International recognises, with the adoption of the above mission, that it has undertaken a commitment to the communities in which it works to deliver professional, quality, sustainable development projects.

World Youth International has adopted contemporary policy on international development and through partnership with other Non Government Organisations seeks professional examples of language, methodology and strategy which remains in alignment with World Youth International's vision and strengthens our activity basis.

World Youth International recognises AusAID's definition of development as:

A comprehensive economic, social, cultural and political process which aims at the constant improvement of the well-being of the entire population and of all individuals on the basis of their active, free and meaningful participation in development and in the fair distribution of the benefits that result from this process.

World Youth International is committed to creating projects which fall into this definition of development and view this as our working guideline policy and is adopted into all project design. This is reflected in each step of World Youth Internationals project activity cycle, which also incorporates a sustainability strategy into each project World Youth International undertakes.

WYI today uses contemporary development language and thought to strengthen our projects success and bring greater clarity and strategy to future project design and implementation.

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* As a charity we also talk about fundraising as well as program costs. In addition to your $2295 program fee, you will be required to raise $2,200 to support the community development work of your program and WYI's global projects, to ensure we can create lasting positive change.

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