Sponsor a child in Kenya

By sponsoring a child on our program in Kenya, you will be giving an orphaned and vulnerable child the opportunity to develop all aspects of their lives. Your sponsorship will not only give a child access to basic life essentials such as regular meals, water, healthcare and education, but it will give them something irreplaceable... hope!

World Youth International works in partnership with the Mango Tree, one of Africa's largest Home Based Care providers working with approximately 8000 children in Tanzania and 5000 in Kenya. Their aim is to provide effective and sustainable programs in African communities which improves the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children and nurtures them to become self reliant adults.

WYI believes that the best way to bring about a change in a child's life is through education and assisting in building a self-sufficient and sustainable environment. The 'Home Based Care Program' re-unites our sponsored children with their guardians and re-integrates them into their local communities. Local staff meet and work with community leaders in the implementation and successful running of all sectors associated with the program. Qualified Social Workers support and manage each individual child with the assistance of the Mango Tree volunteers and the children's respective guardians.

What is provided for the sponsored children

Support is provided for the child from primary school through to secondary school and then onto tertiary education.

Primary Students: School uniforms, exercise books and stationery, healthcare and check-ups, psycho-social support, sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness and testing, desks and chairs, holiday tuition, sanitary towels, better toilets and where needed, foster homes.

Secondary Students: School uniforms, school fees, exercise books and stationery, healthcare and check-ups, trauma counseling, sex education, HIV/Aids awareness and testing, youth groups and sport, sanitary towels, better toilets and where needed, foster homes.

Tertiary Students: College and university fees, vocational training, accommodation support, trauma counseling, sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness and training, computer use, life skills seminar, career advice and inheritance advice.

Help is also provided to their guardians in the areas of:

Health and Welfare: HIV/AIDS awareness and testing, assistance with fistula repairs and club feet, healthcare, hospital transport and home-based care.

Education and Training: Improve girl's educational standards and retention, business planning training, entrepreneurship training, inheritance rights training and advice.

Community Development: Microfinance, Borehole irrigation, improved safe water supply, better crops diversity and horticulture, cooperative of tailors, carpenters, masons and improved housing for the elderly.

Sponsorship fees:

$1200 for full sponsorship, and $300 for partial sponsorship. Your contribution will cover all of the child's needs for a full 12 months.

Your sponsorship fee includes:

  • a photo and details of your sponsored child
  • a report on the child
  • newsletters and updates from our organisation

In return we ask that you supply a family photo, fill out a personal details form and write a short letter to the child. Where possible, we ask that you sponsor the child for the duration of the project but if hardship prevails and you are unable to continue, we will endeavour to find an alternate sponsor.

How to sponsor a child!

If you are ready to proceed, you can sponsor a child today - Click here to proceed to our online payment system.

Otherwise, if you would like more information, or have any queries please complete our brief enquiry form and a staff member will contact you to discuss your sponsorship requirements.

Alternatively please phone the office on (08) 8340 1266.

Child sponsorship is not just a financial contribution; it gives children love, hope and happiness.

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* As a charity we also talk about fundraising as well as program costs. In addition to your $2295 program fee, you will be required to raise $2,200 to support the community development work of your program and WYI's global projects, to ensure we can create lasting positive change.

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