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World Youth International Newsletter - December 2010

Shaping the future of World Youth International

An update from WYI Board Members Ralph Hoey, Ann Hoey, Ben Shillito, Adam Whitefield and Jessica Roberts

2010 has been a big year for us. Not only have we welcomed new Board members and key staff members, but also a new generation of young leaders within our National Volunteer Program, Step Out. There is no doubt that this is an exciting time for the future of our organisation!

To help shape this future and ensure we continue to achieve our vision of educating, empowering and inspiring positive change within the global community, we recently held a Strategic Planning workshop to plan for the next 3 years.

On Sunday the 14th of November, a passionate and diverse group of people from around Australia came together at the new WYI headquarters in Adelaide.  

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Jazz in the Park 2010!

The scene was set. The island was open with lanterns lit, volunteers ready in place, fairy lights glowing and the bars ready to go. It was time for Jazz in the Park 2010!

Despite the 'summer chic' theme, 'winter wonderland' may have been more appropriate as the grey skies started to drizzle, yet as 6 o'clock rolled around, the crowd began to arrive, filling the island with warmth and chatter (as well as a few emergency heaters!).

Click here to read more about the night!



New staff!

We here in the World Youth International office would like to belatedly welcome our two newest staff members; Alice Johnson, Overseas Action Program Manager and Tom Setchell, Marketing Coordinator. They introduce themselves below:

"My name is Tom Setchell and recently I have joined the inspirational team at World Youth International. My role is the Marketing Coordinator, however the more I learn about the work we do the more diverse my role becomes! My academic background is a B. Commerce (Marketing) which I obtained from the University of Adelaide. I have a devoted passion to travel and have lived in Washington DC, Glasgow and Papua New Guinea. My travels have taken me through Central and North America, Europe and extensively through South East Asia. Additionally I have a personal passion for sustainability and believe there is a responsibility on the developed world to bring the standards of heath, education and human rights in developing nations into line with ours. I believe WYI is a fantastic organisation and I look forward to the work we as a team will be able to achieve!"

"My name is Alice and I joined the WYI team in August. I am incredibly passionate about poverty reduction and development and completed my studies at the University of Adelaide in 2008, where I achieved Honours in International Studies and a Diploma in Languages. I received first-class recognition for my Honours thesis in 2008 which focused on the potential for women's empowerment through microfinance initiatives in developing countries. I have been involved with a number of development organisations over the past ten years, including Oxfam, World Vision Australia and Amnesty International. I am currently a volunteer advisor to the director of TIA International Aid and a member of the Adelaide UNIFEM Committee, which organises the International Women's Day Breakfast every year. My involvement with World Youth International began earlier this year, when I encouraged the organisation to hold a stall at the UNIFEM International Women's Day Breakfast in March. This led to fundraising for World Youth through the Community Lottery and my participation in the Personal Empowerment Program in June, and I then became the 'Swan' (finance officer) for WYI's volunteer arm, Step Out SA. The rest, as they say, is history."

Overseas Action Program Team Leaders!

- Alice Johnson - Overseas Action Program Manager

We currently have a strong team of incredible individuals leading more than seventy volunteers on OA programs in Nepal, Peru, Kenya and Cambodia. Aaron Davies and Naomi McLellan head up the team in Nepal, while Chris Hills, Maddie Collins and Dalice Kennedy are currently in Kenya. Emily Mackaway and Francesca Trott are in Peru and Rob Weston and Melissa Roberts will lead the Cambodia program in January. Sarah Ghan and John-Paul Kenyon have just completed a program in Cambodia.

To get to know our team leaders a little bit more please click here


"Medical Camp success in Kenya"

- Alison Wells, Overseas Service Project Manager

In my role as OSP Manager I am lucky enough to see the amazing things that our volunteers to while they are in country and I feel priviledged to be a part of our volunteer's journey. We currently have a number of OSP participants scattered across the globe doing amazing things in the communities they are working in, and I'd like to aknowledge all of them for the roles they are playing. I am constantly in awe of the incredible things all our volunteers do. Katy Condliffe is one such volunteer that I am in awe of. Katy first became involved with WYI on an OAP in 2009 and she decided she would like to put her nursing skills to use in Kenya on a 3 month program. And put them to use she has! Since arriving in Kenya in September Katy has been keeping herself busy in a number of different ways, but in particular by running medical clinics.

Click here to read Katy's story of one of the clinics she was involved in, detailing how these clinics work and just how much they benefit the local community.


2010/2011 WYI Gift Catalogue - Out Now!

- Lyn Pettman, Gift Catalogue Coordinator

Our new catalogue was released in October and following the great success of our previous 3 catalogues, this one is already proving to be popular!

The catalogue includes a selection of new items which address critical needs, offering purchasers variety in their gift selection. The Nepal section provides "gifts" for both village communities and also the WYI School, whilst the Kenya section continues to focus on the communities in which we work, surrounding Kisumu.

We've continued to retain some high demand "gifts" from our previous catalogues, such as school uniforms and basic houses for Kenya and school supplies for Nepal. All of the gifts make a real difference and change lives!

Please click here to find out how about the new gift catalogue and how you can make a purchase!

2009/2010 WYI Gift Catalogue - Final Results!

- Lyn Pettman, Gift Catalogue Coordinator

Our third Gift Catalogue, released in September 2009, was most successful in continuing to provide vital supplies and resources for people in need, living in rural Kenya and Nepal. We are delighted to report that the catalogue resulted in 336 gift items being ordered for Kenya and 246 for Nepal....with total orders exceeding $31,000! An improved exchange rate meant we were also able to purchase many extra items...bonus!!

Click here to read all about our successes in Kenya and click here to read all about Nepal!


Step Out a smashing success!

- Alison Wells, Step Out Australia National Coordinator

Step Out Australia is booming. In the last 3 months we have seen a flurry of events across the country raising funds and awareness about WYI. From an African themed trivia night in Perth, to Halloween themed events in Sydney and Brisbane and a 'Party Against Poverty' in Melbourne, our teams have certainly been busy. We've also seen a few changes to leadership teams in some states.

Since it's inception in 2009, Step Out Australia has continued to grow, raising awareness for WYI as well as funds for projects in Kenya, Cambodia and Peru. Recent months have been no exception with teams rasing over $25,000! 

Click here for event details and the read more about Step Out Australia.


Peru OAP

- Rob Weston

As Team Leader I was asked to write this brief update on the 2 OAP programs conducted in Peru from June to September, I must admit it has been one of the harder tasks I have had to complete; how do you convery the miriad of thoughts, feelings and stories in a few hundred words about the rollercoaster ride of adventure, learning, understanding and sharing that was the Peru programs?

I could easily describe treking Machu Pichu and our feelings at seeing this amazing feat of architecture, visiting La Paz where we mountain biked the Death Road; sandboarding the dunes surrounding the oasis of Huacachina or flying over the Nazca lines, which were all amazing in their own right. But the outcomes, the laughs, the relationships, the friendships that we all experienced in the villages surpassed all of these things.

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For what you have done I am very thankful. God bless you all. I am saved.

- Christobel Onyango, 29th June 2010

At 8am on the 26th of June 2010, seven World Youth International volunteers set out to build a house for our local friend, Christobel Onyango. After a mandatory trek to Christobel's former dwelling for prayers and a blessing, we finally got to work around midday (as is the norm in Africa).

Christobel became a widow five years ago and was left to care for her 3 children. In Kenya, married women are not given rights to property. If a husband dies, the widow must marry another member of her husband's family to remain in the family home. When Christobel's husband passed away, she refused to remarry and was thus forced to leave her home. For the past five years, Christobel and her children have been living in a residence on the grounds of the Malanga medical centre, where Christobel works. However, Christobel had no rights to this property and was vulnerable to being forced out of the house if she were to stop working or if the medical centre needed it to provide more services. Needless to say, one of Christobel's main sources of anxiety was keeping a roof over her children's heads.

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Deb's trip to Kenya

-Deb Hoey, Kenya Child Sposorship Coordinator

In September this year, I had the opportunity to travel to Kenya with Ali, a friend of mine. The highlight of my time in Kenya was definitely our stay at WYI Owiti Children's Home. I have coordinated the sponsorship of the children living in our home since the home opened in 2004 and to finally visit and meet them all was a dream come true.

The children, looked very healthy, happy, cared for and full of life. They were so friendly, welcoming and within a short time I felt at home with them all. The grounds and all the buildings were well kept and cleaned daily, a sense of pride was evident everywhere I looked. Catherine, our matron, is doing a fantastic job and all that I saw can be attributed to her commitment and steadfast work. She is a great role model for our children and she puts her heart and soul into her work.

 Click here to read more about Deb's time at Owiti's.

Kenya Water Tank - Wine Fundraiser

EFM Health Club Mitcham has been supporting WYI for some years and is currently running a wine drive in December/January for a Water Tank Fund in Odede, Kenya.

For a limited period you can buy a case (12 bottles) of Two Hands Dry White or Shiraz for the fantastic price of $80/case and $15 from each case will contribute to the Water Tank Fund.

This is a CASH ONLY price and applies to SA only. If you're interested, email your order and contact details to Richard Mills at richard.mills@internode.on.net or for enquiries contact Richard on 0411 743 280. This great offer finishes 31st January so get in quick!

Some sad news

We would like to share some sad news of the recent passing of one of the the amazing Mummas in Peru, Frida. Frida ran the community in Huran, where several of our Overseas Action Program groups lived and worked. Frida was an inspirational woman to all who met her and we extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by her untimely passing.



Please click here to read a beautiful tribute to Frida by past team leader, Catie Annand


Annual Report

 Click here to view World Youth International's 2009/10 Annual Report.

On behalf of everyone at World Youth International we would like to wish you all a very

Have a safe and happy holidays and we look forward to seeing what 2011 can bring!
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