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odede health centre

Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre opened last year, in March 2013. Now, 22 months later, the facility and its various programs have grown considerably, as has its impact on Odede and its surrounding communities.

When the Health Centre opened its doors on the 12th of March 2013, 10 staff members were there to greet patients. This number now stands at 21, including full-time and part-time employees, along with staff in shared roles or on maternity leave. Since opening, staff at the Health Centre have safely delivered over 240 babies, with the highest number of births in one month being 27. Over 960 children have been vaccinated, and over 500 women have received antenatal care. Including satellite medical camps to surrounding communities, over 7,000 patients have been treated since March 2013, and in 2014 an average of 295 patients were seen per month.


2015 will be a big year for the Health Centre, and we will have a special focus on improving the facility's self-generated income and strategic planning. In 2014 we began several income-generation projects, such as installing a new greenhouse to grow food for patients and staff, and to sell within the community. In 2015 we aim to expand these projects and look at new and innovative ways of increasing the Health Centre's income. This includes implementing a Micro Health Insurance Scheme, which will allow families living in poverty to access micro health insurance for as little as $25 a year. WYI plans to sponsor 100 vulnerable families to receive this insurance, which will both increase access to health services as well as increase the Health Centre's direct income.

Odede Community Health Centre is becoming a well-known facility in its area, with a reputation for professional and affordable services. World Youth International is very proud of the achievements of this project to date, and would like to thank Fred Mito, WYI's Kenya In Country Coordinator and the Health Centre Project Manager, for his dedication and tireless contributions to making this facility what it is today. Special thanks also goes to Naomi McClellan, who recently finished her 12-month placement working with the Health Centre in Kenya through the AVID (Australian Volunteers for International Development) program. Naomi and Fred worked together over a year to improve the operations and strategic plans for the Health Centre, and Naomi will be sorely missed from our international team!


Finally, we thank all of the staff at Mama Ann's Odede Community Health Centre who continue to work hard every day to bring crucial healthcare services to those who need it most, and the many Nurses in Action volunteers and Team Leaders who have helped to make this facility what it is today.


Erokamano (Thank you)!


odede health centre website

2014 was an exciting time for the Odede Health Centre. When our website went live in September, its virtual doorway was open for people around the world to connect with the Odede community in a way that hadn't been seen before. This initiative was the culmination of planning and dedication over the past twelve months by the World Youth team, and the response that WYI received was truly heart warming.

Designed with a fresh new look and user friendly navigation, the website provides a platform for our supporters to connect with the Odede Health Centre community. The website now invites our World Youth Supporters and affiliate organisations to personally make a real difference to the lives of the Odede people by sponsoring one of the Health Centre's valued staff members as well as purchasing a life changing gift.


Our comprehensive and user friendly online Give-a-Gift includes a variety of gift ideas that will not only provide crucial health care services for the people of Odede, but is a truly heartwarming gift for a loved one. We are proud to report that during our recent Christmas Give-a-Gift campaign, World Youth raised $1,170, which will make a lasting impact on the Health Centre in 2015!

The website now gives you the incredible opportunity to meet the staff members who have made the Health Centre a reality. Each of our dedicated staff members at the Health Centre offer their expertise in a variety of fields, and together their depth of knowledge has seen the Centre grow since its doors were opened in March 2013. You can now read their truly inspiring stories, and see how you can help them continue to treat patients in Odede.

Throughout the coming year, to keep you up to date with first hand experiences from nurses and volunteers at the Health Centre, we will also be regularly posting a new article to our blog. If you have an inspiring story or know of someone who has made a significant difference in Odede, we would love to hear from you! Please forward your stories to nicoleg.wyi@gmail.com and we will let you know when your story will be featured on the site.


Thank you for your continued support!



In partnership with The Mango Tree in Kenya, WYI supports 27 orphans in Kenya and it's always a pleasure to update sponsors and supporters on the children's progress. Since joining our program in 2009 they have moved out of the orphanage and back into their extended families and communities. Some of these families are quite large with Grandparents caring for all of their Grandchildren, living in remote areas. Sponsorship provides the children with a school uniform, school fees, health assessments, counselling, and fun holiday tuition programs. Families receive HIV education, along with items such as mosquito nets, solar lights to assist with homework, or food parcels if they have poor crops.

Many of the children are transitioning into boarding school, which will give them a better standard of education while they still spend holidays with family. The age of children at school in Kenya is very different to ours in Australia, as they aren't able to attend without wearing a uniform (which is too expensive for some families who may live on just $2 a day), or they may have illness that keeps them away from school for long periods of time. For example, year 7 students may be up to 15 years old. This means they still need support as young adults to complete their high school or tertiary studies.




Two of our older students recently celebrated their graduation; Collins (22) Cert 1 in Motor Mechanics and Anne (23) Certificate in Early Childhood Development. These achievement are a huge step towards their independence and financial security! Other children who have also made significant progress in 2014, they include; Damarice (15) who aims "to be the best" in her school in 2015, Lorine (12) and Enswed (13) who have both made "a remarkable improvement" in Year 6.


 Thank you to our generous sponsors for your ongoing support.


New sponsors are urgently needed in both Kenya and Nepal


For more information on our Child Sponsorship Program, visit our website for more details.


nurses in action

World Youth International's Nurses in Action volunteer program has played a significant role in the success of the Odede Community Health Centre. The very first group of volunteers for this program arrived in Odede the day before the Health Centre opened, on March 2013. These volunteers were crucial in launching the facility's first services available for the community.


To date, 8 NIA groups have visited Odede, with a total of 69 volunteers working at the Odede Community Health Centre and nearby facilities. The volunteers ran 12 medical camps in 2014, which treated over 4,700 patients.


NIA volunteer's qualifications and skills have ranged from nurses (a variety of specialties), counselors, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and much more.

This program is open to all qualified Allied Health professionals, and volunteers have the opportunity to work in practical roles directly treating patients. They also have the opportunity to work with staff to build their capacity through training and workshops, as well as conducting community health education workshops within the community and at local schools, on topics such as hygiene, menstruation, maternal health, and more.

Most importantly, our NIA's make a real contribution to the Health Centre and local community by improving its services, encouraging community members to visit the Health Centre when sick, and conducting education that is crucial to preventing common diseases.


nurses in action - nepal  

World Youth International is excited to announce that applications are now open for our Nurses in Action (NIA) in Nepal for 2015! 

Our Nurses in Action Program has been designed to embrace both your nursing skills along with the beauty of Nepal. You will see many different parts of Nepal while making an invaluable contribution along the way. This will be the journey of your lifetime!

This will be an eye opening experience that will leave a lasting impression as very few travelers have the opportunity to experience life as a local.

Our NIA program is open to all health professionals who are passionate about utilising their skills in a developing country. By undertaking a range of clinical and community-based placements, this program enables you to make a difference to people who struggle to access primary health care.

For all the details, please visit our website


We hope to see you in Nepal!

WYI's personal empowerment program (PEP) 2014

On Saturday morning October 11th 2014, 37 incredible PEP participants and an always amazing staff team were welcomed to country by Issy Campbell, an Aboriginal elder of the Peramangk people, traditional owners of the land on which the Woodhouse Activity Centre resides. Led by skilled and inspirational facilitators, coaches, mentors and team leaders, participants from all parts of Australia came together to share their stories and experiences. 

Over 4 days in the beautiful Adelaide Hills they explored their values and passions, challenged their boundaries, leapt over barriers and took steps to 'be the change' they want to see in the world. 

This year, we welcomed participants from WYI's Overseas Action Programs, WYI's Nurses in Action Programs, volunteers from Build the Bridge, volunteers from Rotary Club Prospect, and participants who are brand new to WYI. It was an incredible and empowering experience for all involved and we can't WAIT to see what this group of powerful people get up to next!



PEP 2015 will be held in Adelaide Saturday October 10th - Tuesday October 14th and invites for applications will be sent out in June.

Get these dates in your diary now and we look forward to seeing you at PEP soon!



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