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An Update from the Overseas Action Program Coordinator

- Alice Johnson

We currently have a strong team of incredible individuals leading 55 young volunteers on sensational OA programs in Peru, Nepal, Cambodia and Kenya. Justin Whyte and Sarah Pearce are leading the team in Nepal, Stu O'Brien and Kate Breuer are currently in Kenya, Amy Jasper is in Cambodia and Julie Cheng is leading the Peru program.

Click here to read more about these six inspiring people...

We wish them all the best and continued success on what have already been amazing projects. 


 Introducing... Safari of the Soul!
- Inta Sellick, Safari of the Soul Team Leader

Safari of the Soul is a unique program thoughtfully designed for women in mid-life stage and beyond, around the 40 - 60 age range. Our destination is Kenya for a three week journey where participants will have the opportunity to be involved in a range of sustainable projects in Odede which will help to empower the growing community. Only a few years ago this village was run down and described by locals with disdain, beaten down by time and circumstance. Today what is happening in Odede is described as nothing short of incredible, bursting with hope.

I continue to be touched, moved and inspired by the extra ordinary stories from WYI volunteers and I know you too will be. They are mostly our young generation willing to be challenged by living and working in communities that struggle to survive, and doing what they can by being a contribution to these communities and in turn learn and grow from their unforgettable experiences.

Click here to read more about what Inta and the Safari of the Soul team will get up to in Kenya.


WYI Goes Mobile!
- Tim Butterfield, IT Coordinator


We are excited to announce the release of the World Youth International Web App for all iPhones and Android Mobile phones.

Feel free to browse the new mobile site for all your general information about our programs, projects, donation options, child sponsorship and Step Out. 


How do I download the WYI Mobile Web App to my iPhone or Android Home Screen?


Amy in Africa!
-Amy Stenning, Kenya OSP Participant: November 2011 - February 2012

When I arrived in Kenya, I was pretty nervous about the three months that lay ahead of me. I didn't know if I was quite prepared to leave behind my life in Perth and commit to living in a vastly different culture for what seemed like such a long time. After three days here, I knew I'd made the right decision and Mutumbu felt like home.

I came on the Overseas Service Program in November 2011 as a nurse. I'm three quarters of the way through my degree and have always had an interest in both aid work and developing nations so the OSP was the perfect choice for me.

During my time here, I have spent my days working mainly at Yala Hospital and Simenya Dispensary, pitching in wherever I can and learning heaps. I've learned how to diagnose malaria, witnessed the devastating effect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, dressed some pretty gnarly wounds (my favourite was one inflicted on a woman by a python) and been confronted by a severe lack of resources in the public health system which the doctors and nurses are doing a stellar job in tackling.

Click here to read more about Amy's adventures in Kenya!


SathSath Nepal

Thank you to all our donors who generously donated to our Gift Catalogue projects in Nepal including the purchase of school backpacks, coats for kids and the supply of laptop computers to support girls at risk.

Through the support of Ben Gough and Biso Bajracharya from SathSath in Nepal, much has been gained by these projects undertaken. Click here for further information and reports on the projects.

Step Out Volunteers Dare2Bare for WYI Projects

- Kyla Raby, Step Out Australia National Coordinator

Step Out Australia kicked off 2012 in style with its first ever national event and workshop. From 12pm on Saturday the 14th, until 12pm Sunday the 15th of January, 21 volunteers from all around the country took up the challenge and participated in Dare2Bare. They gave up their beds, all possessions, luxuries, gidgets and gadgets for 24 hours and spent this time living in a park in Melbourne with nothing but the clothes on their backs and $2 in their pockets.

They endured Melbourne's coldest summer night in 3 years, fought off hungry possums, got free hypnotherapy, practiced their skipping skills, and made a pretty epic 'spoon train', all in the name of raising funds and awareness for WYI and its projects.

The workshop that preceded the event also brought together Step Out Leaders and participants from every active state and territory group to share the inspirational work they have been doing over the last year and plan for an even bigger and better 2012.

Read the full story here.

Have you ever considered sponsoring a child? School and orphanage sponsors required!
- Ann Hoey, Child Sponsorship Coordinator - Nepal

The World Youth International School in Nepal is growing each year, with over 400 children currently in attendance. Over 280 of these children are now receiving an sponsored education due to the support of people here in Australia and across the world.

Education, in any country, is the key for the future development of Nepal. Most government schools are drastically under funded and have as many as 70 children cramped into one classroom at any given time. To ensure our children receive the best possible education, class numbers are limited to just 30 students to maximize the teacher/student interaction. It costs only $373 a year to sponsor a child and this includes their books, uniform, school bag and shoes.

Read more about WYI Child Sponsorship in Nepal here!

A big thank you to all our sponsors from World Youth International for your generosity in providing a child with a quality education. Your help for the children of Nepal is really appreciated.

Sarah Onyango Obama

On a recent visit to Kenya, World Youth International participants, Kate Houghton, Marilyn and Mike Chambers along with the Nam Lolwe Co-op Training Officer, Alex Omino had the pleasure and honour to meet with Barack Obama's grandmother, Sarah Onyango Obama. Mama Sarah, who is now in her 90's, lives a very simple life while maintaining a low profile in the Luo village of Nyangoma- Kogelo.


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